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blastall bioActor


This is a demo workflow to run BLAST program (

Execution Choices

  • CrossReduce
  • HadoopMapOnly
  • JobSubmission
  • LocalExecution
  • MapReduce
  • StratosphereMapOnly


referenceFileThe input file for reference sequences.
queryFileThe input file for query sequences.


alignmentFileThe output file that contains the alignment results.


eValueExpectation value.
outputFormatThe format option for output, namely alignment view options.
programNameThe name of blast program to be executed.
programThe command line program to execute.
checkOutputTimestampIf true, verify the last modification timestamp for each output file has increased after execution. If the timestamp has not increased, throw an error.
additionalOptionsAdditional command line options to run blastall
ChoiceThe execution choice to run.